Taking hope the smart way.

Digital Journey is a story of Transformation. We take you and your Organisation and jointly move into the Digital era.

Content is not about what you have, but knowing if you are addressing the needs of your viewers, clients and well wishers. We are here to deliver just that.

Content is king,

It’s high time we bring the king in the content

Ashvin Dhyriam

CEO GoodNews Group

The values we share are embodied in what goes on at GoodNews 24/7

How can we help you?

We help Organizations grow through creative services, as we understand the agony and pain remembering our beginnings. We want all our clients to feel engaged with us, regardless of the nature of business or the size of the business.

Taking Hope the Smart Way in the Digital Age


You didn’t come into Ministry / Business to be confused with Social Media, become consumed by details on your website or to be bewildered with Graphic Designing? Let us do all that and more for you. We are here to clarify and handle all your Digital Communication and to support and equip you as you accomplish your calling.


We bring with us 25 years of collective working experience of Media, Television Broadcast, Communications with Churches & through this we have gained immense wisdom, skills and tools to take your digital presence to the next level and to make a greater impact.

Our Mandate


Digital Transformation is a journey and everyone living in this Era needs to be on this journey.


We believe in building relationships to ensure that this transformation becomes an experience.

What we do


Brand Design & Strategy

Design is the backbone of your communication, both social and mainstream media. We ensure your content receives more eyeballs than you could imagine. Just share your ideas and we will give it a visual appeal though graphics, words and style.

Social Media Marketing

Engaging with your audience online, needs a lot of dedication and time. We understand and value your time, so allow us to take control of your social media marketing and we will engage with your audience regularly, just the way you want. You can relax and focus on other commitments and build your business.

Web Development

The website is an important identity for any brand and we understand that. We create trendy, content-filled, functional websites at a cost which will not be heavy on your pockets. Our competitive pricing brings you on par quality.

Digital Marketing

Being online isn’t just sufficient, instead you need to reach your audience. Your audience could be all across the globe or even tailored to target a specific group, we can help you reach them in a better way using our Digital Marketing Strategies.

Video Production & Post Production

Our teams are equipped to handle all your visual needs. Starting from the ideation stage to filming and includes all post production activities, we deliver all these services in-house.

Translation & Language Dubbing Services

We specialise in translating English content to all Indian languages through our  translation services.

We have handled over 5700 projects for our National and International Clients.

Digital Post Production

These are our services:

– Preservation & Physical Restoration
– Scanning and Digitization
– Image Enhancement
– Visual Effects & Computer Graphics
– Digital Post Production
– Digital Audio & Video Restoration
– Archiving & Asset Management
Digital Cinema

Responsive Website for your Project

Revolutionary new way of creating an app and website for your organisation

GoodNews Digital is currently working on a custom branded solution where both your App and Website along with many other features come bundled together.


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